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타사제품 특성비교

타사제품 특성비교

Points of Manufacturing Technology (Explain manufacturing technology and merits And demerits of the product which can be substituted for competitive products)

Characteristics of three kinds of new products

Buoyancy : The experiment of various research institutions in America and Korea showed that Seagod 170g can keep the human body weighing about 98kg afloat.

Cold-proof nature : Seagod is adiabatic materials and has excellent keeping warm effect is large, so that it can be used to make cold-proof clothes which can stand against the cold of -25℃. Especially, it was verified that Seagod has cold-proof effect much more excellent than fur of a duck or wool.

Waterproof nature : It is as smooth as natural fiver and made through fine process, so that it has high elasticity and excellent waterproof nature.

Division New Products Life Vest DOWN Cotton
Buoyancy Semi permanent. Only 300g can make the weight of 130kg afloat The existing urethane absorbs moisture from two hours after it went under water None None
Cold-proof nature More than - 25℃ None In proportion to quantity In proportion to quantity
Elasticity Same as ordinary clothes Inconvenient Downy and soft Same as ordinary clothes
Production cost (Middle,Low) (Middle,Low) (High) (Middle)
Laundry Hand laundry, Machine laundry None Dry cleaning Hand laundry, Dry cleaning
Environment pollution at the time of manufacture None None None None
Waterproof nature Excellent Common None None
Adiabatic nature Excellent Not used Not used Not used

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